Download VLC Media Player for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android (32, 64-bit)

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VLC Media Player is one of the best free media players around, thanks to its simple interface and effortless compatibility with the majority of video and audio formats. 

VLC Media Player supports MPEG and DivX streaming and can play videos as they're downloading, letting you watch the beginning of a film and then decide whether it's worth downloading in full. You can also play ZIP files without having to unpack them individually. 

In an ideal world everything would just work when you wanted it to, but over the years we’ve evolved all kinds of competing formats for music and video - and different delivery mechanisms too, ranging from discs to downloads and streaming. VLC knows about all of them, and that means it’s our go-to app for any kind of media playback.

It has excellent tools for tweaking video and audio playback, it can play formats nobody’s mentioned for years, it’s blazingly fast and it does everything without spyware, ads or anything else unnecessary.

Factor in a whole bunch of interface skins and a big library of add-ons and VLC Media Player is the Swiss Army Knife of digital media.

Download here: VLC Media Player

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