Laptop Razer Blade Pro review, Hands-on and Compare Price

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Razer Blade Pro

Earlier this week, I met with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan to talk about a secretive new Razer product in the pipeline. On social media, Razer had been teasing a silhouetted desktop PC, and I was sure Razer had finally made the segue into desktop gaming. It turns out I was right, but not in the way I had expected.

Razer Blade Pro (2016) Preview

The new 17.3-inch Razer Blade Pro isn't the first desktop replacement notebook with a 4K screen and a mechanical keyboard. But at 0.88 inches thick (the same thickness as its predecessor) it is remarkably svelte, and much easier to carry around than the behemoths with which it will compete, like the MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 4K.

Razer Blade Pro 2015 Notebook Review

The 17.3-inch Razer Blade Pro has not seen a major revision since its reveal in 2011 and its age is starting to show. Is the attractive razor-thin form factor and unique Switchblade interface enough to convince the hardcore gaming crowd?

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